The start-up of process heating systems and thermal fluid heat transfer systems can prove to be quite challenging for even experienced users of these systems. Many individuals will find that this process can often take two days or longer if they have minimal experience starting-up these systems. Our service technicians are available to help you ensure a safe and efficient start up.
Process Heating Start-up Services process heating systems

Our service technician will go through a pre-start up check list to ensure that the equipment has been installed properly, prior to energizing the equipment. The most time consuming aspect of a start-up on a thermal fluid system can often be eliminating the air in the system piping that accumulates when charging the system with heat transfer fluid. This air can cause pump cavitations, heater failures and overall system malfunctions. The elimination of this problem can be expedited through the techniques and knowledge our technicians have developed over the years. The technician can also provide training while they are on-site for any individuals with system responsibility or curiosity. This can help the transition whether you are using heat transfer equipment for the first time or just updating the equipment currently in use at your facility. The following are links to useful documents that will be helpful to you when installing and starting up our equipment:

Installation Check List
Start-Up Check List

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