Don’t throw out that damaged heater...

The electric flanged immersion heaters utilized in many heat transfer systems are usually the main source of heat. Without this particular component the heat transfer system is virtually useless. We strongly recommend keeping a spare heater in stock at your facility. Quite often the lead-time for these heaters can span from a few weeks to a few months. If a situation does arise where this is unacceptable downtime for your system there is often an opportunity to repair the heater. Due to safety concerns, these repairs can usually not be performed in the field due to the welded construction, the high temperature, and the high-pressure that these heater experience. These heaters can often be repaired, reconditioned and tested at our facility within a few days. These repairs are accompanied with a test report that helps to identify the root cause of the heater failure in effort to avoid this issue in the future.

Heater Repair Service

Our repairs and fabrication services are available on most types of electric heaters. We are also experienced in repairing air duct heaters and Open Coil Heaters. Although not all heaters are repairable, we can often rebuild the heater and reuse many components to save the customer money.

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Heater Repair Service
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