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Equipment Application - Line Tracing


Thermal Fluid Heat Transfer Systems

Line Tracing Temperature Control

The HEAT systems shown to the left provide indirect temperature control of various types of line tracing.

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"Line Tracing" refers to a hollow jacket, or a tube on the outside of a pipe. It is used when the piping contains a material that needs to be warm or hot to flow easily, such as heavy oils, tars, or even sulfur. A hot liquid or vapor can be circulated through the jacket on the outside of this pipe in order to keep the material inside hot so it flows easily.

This technology is applied in any process where the materials must be heated in order to be pumped or moved. Processing thick (or solid) plastics, asphalt, food products, chemicals, and other materials benefit from this type of arrangement.

Proper design of a thermal fluid system for Line Tracing takes into consideration:

  • Length and diameter of pipe and the flow rate of material through the pipe
  • Insulation and surrounding temperature are important factors in determining heat losses
  • Information about the design of the jacket or pipe tracing helps size the flow rate of thermal fluid for the process

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