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Equipment Application - Mixers


Thermal Fluid Heat Transfer Systems

Temperature Control of Mixers

The HEAT systems shown to the left provide indirect temperature control of various types of mixers.

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Tempered Water and Glycol Systems
Secondary Loop Temperature Control Systems


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A measured amount of product is pumped into the mixing chamber. The outside of the mixing chamber is heated with a hot, circulating fluid flowing through a hollow shell, or jacket. As product is introduced into the mixer, the heated chamber holds a consistent temperature as the material inside is continuously moved by the mixing blade.

Many industries require materials to be mixed together to form new compounds. Chemicals and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and many others utilize mixers as part of their materials processing.

Applying a temperature control system to a mixer requires information about the following:

  • Size (dimensions and weight) of the mixer
  • Material capacity of the mixing chamber
  • Information about the materials being mixed is an important in the system sizing process

A complete list of required process information is available. Please click on the Inquiry Forms.


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