Thermal Fluid System Factory Repair Services

Factory Based Services

Flanged Heater Repairs

Oftentimes Flanged Heaters can be repaired rather than replaced, saving both time and money.  Due to the complex construction of this type of equipment, Flanged Heater Repairs are only done at the factory by HEAT, Inc Service Technicians.  All repairs done at HEAT, Inc are accompanied by a test report that helps to identify the root cause of any heater failure to avoid the issue in the future.  For more information, submit an inquiry below and HEAT, Inc representative will contact you.

Pump Repairs

The pumps supplied with heat transfer systems or pumping skids usually make use of a mechanical seal.  Over time, pressure, temperature, and exposure to outside influences will cause this seal to eventually fail.  At this point, it is time to repair the pump to restore proper functioning.  HEAT, Inc’s trained technicians have the experience to identify the parts needed to repair the pump and the hands-on expertise to physically make the repairs to nearly every type and model of heat transfer pump.

Valve Repairs

HEAT, Inc can perform many simple valve repairs, such as replacing gaskets, seals and packing, for a variety of valve manufacturers.  HEAT, Inc can also replace valve positioners for most major valve brands.  If the necessary repairs are more intensive than those listed above, HEAT, Inc can help to connect you with the valve manufacturers and get your valves repaired or replaced in a timely manner. 

System Upgrades & Refurbishments

High temperature thermal fluid heat transfer systems feature all-welded and flanged construction, making repairs and refurbishments in the field impractical.  When significant maintenance or modifications are required, HEAT, Inc’s trained technicians can perform this work at the factory.  From supply voltages changes, to updating obsolete controls, to performance enhancements, HEAT, Inc’s Upgrade and Refurbishment service can meet your system and process needs.