Thermal Fluid System Replacement Parts

Flanged Heaters

HEAT, Inc does NOT maintain an inventory of complete flanged heaters in stock.  All HEAT, Inc Flanged Heaters are built to order.  HEAT, Inc does, however, maintain a large inventory of tubular elements which are the primary component used to fabricate flanged heaters.  Standard design flanged heaters are normally available with a two-week lead time.  Custom heaters with custom elements can oftentimes have lead times of six weeks or more!  If your process cannot afford to be shut down for several weeks while a replacement heater is being fabricated, consider stocking a spare flanged heater to avoid this potential downtime.


Most pumps have mechanical parts that will wear over time.  Properly maintaining and replacing pump components will help to improve the longevity of your equipment and your process.  Most repair or replacement components have quick lead times, but specialty pumps can have extended component lead times.  HEAT, Inc strongly recommends that you identify the lead times for specific pump’s replacement components and plan accordingly.  HEAT, Inc can supply component parts for Dean, MP, Scott, Nikkiso, Tuthill, and many more.

Electrical Components

HEAT, Inc stocks the following standard components:  Disconnects, Contactors, Motor Starters, Lights, Pushbuttons, Switches, Fuses, Fuse Blocks, and Temperature Controllers.  These standard items can be available within one to three days.

Although many systems have identical components, custom designed systems oftentimes have special electrical components that are not maintained in inventory.  If your process cannot afford to be shut down while waiting for custom components, it is strongly recommended to keep a stock of spare electrical components on hand.  Contact HEAT, Inc for a recommended spare parts list for your system.


HEAT, Inc stocks a variety of instrumentation: Thermocouples, Pressure Gauges, Differential Pressure Gauges, High/Low Pressure Switches, High/Low Level Switches, Low Flow Switches, and Over Temperature Switches.  These items are generally in stock and can be available within 1 to 3 business days.

Custom instrumentation can have significantly longer lead times and should be purchased as backup spares if your process cannot be shut down for an extended period.


Typical Valve Repair/Replacement Items:

  • Valve Repair Kits (gaskets, seats, and packing)
  • Valve Positioners (I-to-P, 4-20 mA actuator)
  • New and Replacement Valves

HEAT, Inc does NOT stock these components.  Typically a 10 day lead time, but can vary by component

Expansion Tanks

HEAT, Inc stocks the following expansion tank parts:  Relief valves, Sight Glasses, and High/Low Level Switches.  These items are generally in stock and can be available within 1 to 3 business days.

HEAT, Inc does NOT stock Reflex Gauges, Back Pressure Control Valves, or Inlet Pressure Regulators.  These items should be stocked as backup spares if your process cannot afford to wait for long lead item components.

For New Expansion Tanks, please inquire below. 

IOM Manuals

HEAT, Inc maintains a copy of each IOM Manual.  If you would like to order a replacement copy for your system, please submit an inquiry below with your machine serial number.