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Do you know what's going on with your heat transfer fluid?

Hot Oil Sampling Device

Thermal fluid is the lifeblood of a hot oil heat transfer system. It circulates energy around the process, bringing temperature control wherever it’s needed. Just like the oil in your car or even the blood in your own veins, sometimes maintenance needs to be done.

The best way to tell when it’s time to take action and perform maintenance is by regularly taking a hot oil sample and getting it tested. Regular sampling means you can catch fluid degradation in its earliest stages and avoid the much bigger problems that coking sludge, high/low boiler concentration, and other degradations can cause. 

However, even if you’re taking samples regularly, taking the sample the right way is critical to actually understanding what is going on with your system’s thermal fluid – the fluid sample should always be taken from a section of the process with turbulent flow, should be isolated from the atmosphere during capture, and ideally captured at operating temperature. Unfortunately, a convenient high point vent or expansion tank is likely never going to give you the most accurate fluid sample.

Fortunately, there is a solution: The BOSS 1000 (Bypass Oil Sampling Station) is designed to be installed alongside your process and provide a safe, simple, and accurate way to get a hot oil sample with turbulent flow, at operating temp, and isolated from the atmosphere. It works by “stealing” a portion of the flow through a bypass loop before it is returned to your process, meaning once the connections are made, you can take the sample from a safe and convenient area. It is designed to protect you from high fluid temperatures while collecting an oil sample that is as accurate as possible.

This sampling device can be safely used in a variety of operating conditions (temperatures up to 750°F and pressures to 300 PSIG), even when the heat transfer system is in operation- meaning you don't have to shut down your process to get an oil sample.

The BOSS 1000 is available in both portable and permanent install configurations and is available for immediate shipment. 

  • Reduce Safety Hazards 
  • Improved Sample Accuracy 
  • Versatile Configurations 
  • Easy to Setup & Use 
  • 304L Stainless-Steel Piping and Collection Vessel 
  • Lightweight Aluminum Frame and Body 
  • Drip-Proof Base 
  • High-Temperature Insulation Between Frame and Piping System 
  • 316L Stainless-Steel Globe Valves 
  • Dry Well Temperature Indicator 

HEAT University | How to Safely & Accurately Take a Hot Oil Sample

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