Thermal Fluid Management Products & Services

Fluid Care Products & Services

The Bypass Oil Sampling Station (BOSS 1000) is a high temperature, stainless steel fluid sampling device designed for the safe and accurate capturing of thermal fluid samples.  The BOSS 1000 can be used in a variety of operating conditions, up to 750 Deg. F and 1000 PSIG.  This wide range of operating conditions enables the user to safely take thermal fluid samples even while the heat transfer system is in operation, thus eliminating the need to shut down for sampling purposes.  The BOSS 1000 is available in both portable and permanent configurations and is available for immediate shipment.

The PFS II is a portable pump and oil filtering system equipped with high efficiency, high capacity disposable elements capable of removing both particulate contaminants and water from oil based fluids including heat transfer fluids, hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils, and transformer oils. Use in low flow, low temperature situations, the PFS II speeds up the initial filling and start-up of heat transfer systems by providing clean, water free fluid.  The PFS II is also commonly used for refilling and adding fluid to existing systems.

Fouled heat transfer fluid can not only affect the safe operation of your process, but it can also can decrease the quality and yield of your final product. In many cases, proper filtration procedures must be performed when returning a heat transfer system back to state of high safety and reliability. HEAT, Inc has a wide variety of filtration packages that can be implemented in nearly any heat transfer system or system operating condition.  From low flow, low temperature to high flow, high temperature, HEAT has the equipment, knowledge, and experienced technicians to provide the correct filtration solution for any situation.


HEAT, Inc has relationships with all major suppliers of thermal fluid and can supply your heat transfer fluid needs, big or small. We can supply:

  • Therminol
  • Multi-Therm
  • Paratherm
  • Duratherm
  • Mobiltherm
  • Calflo
  • Dowtherm
  • And many more…


The presence of water in a heat transfer system can lead to serious complications and can ultimately cause an entire system to shut down. The ability to quickly and efficiently remove water from heat transfer fluid is of the utmost importance, especially during start-up activities.  Vacuum Dehydration Equipment can help to dramatically reduce the time required to remove water and get a system back up and running.


Having issues with thermal fluid? Has degraded fluid condition resulted in decreased production performance?  Safety issues?  HEAT, Inc’s Fluid Rehabilitation Services can help provide an engineered solution for reclaiming system and fluid performance, no matter what the circumstance.  With the goal of salvaging the fluid, potential solutions can include, but are not limited to:

  • Technical Analysis of System
  • Fluid Drain, Refill, and Polish Filtration
  • Partial Fluid Changeout
  • System Flushing & Filtering (Hot or Cold)
  • Water and Contaminant Removal
  • Low Boiler Removal


When thermal fluid has been left un-monitored and allowed to degrade over time, sludge and particulates can build up in a heat transfer system, coating the walls of process piping and coking the components of vital heat transfer equipment. Over time, this can significantly reduce system performance and overall safety.  HEAT, Inc can provide the necessary flushing and filtering services to bring any heat transfer system back to state of high safety and performance by taking an engineered approach to address the specific issues affecting a heat transfer system.


When thermal fluid has degraded beyond the point of rehabilitation, sometimes it is necessary to perform a total fluid changeout. The procedure used when changing out thermal fluid can be an extremely important factor in the effectiveness of the changeout.  If incorrect procedures or equipment are used, it is not uncommon for the system to be in the same or worse condition after a changeout.  HEAT, Inc has the knowledge, equipment and personnel to properly perform thermal fluid changeouts that will bring the heat transfer system back to a condition of high performance.