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Thermal Fluid Management Services

HEAT is happy to help you test or maintain your fluid so that you can keep your process running smoothly. Contact us using the form below. 

Fluid Sampling & Testing Services

Accurate fluid samples that reflect the operating conditions of the fluid are essential to proper testing. Without regular tests of your thermal fluid, important maintenance may be missed, causing problems down the line that could cause unplanned shutdowns or even catastrophic failure. HEAT technicians can train your plant personnel on how to take a proper sample using the BOSS 1000 Fluid Sampling Device. We can also help you to begin a routine fluid testing program to track and monitor the health of your fluid over time. Contact HEAT to learn more and schedule your fluid testing. 

Fluid Rehabilitation Services

Thermal fluids do not last forever. Regular testing will reveal specific types of degradation and contamination, such as solids formation, accumulation of low boilers, accumulation of high boilers, moisture intrusion, or introduction of foreign contaminants. When these symptoms are detected early enough, the fluid can be rehabilitated. HEAT has developed specialized rehabilitation services, including high temperature filtration, low temperature filtration, light ends venting, vacuum dehydration, and partial fluid changes. In many cases we can restore the properties of the fluid back to like-new condition. 

Fluid Replacement Services

When thermal fluid has degraded beyond the point of rehabilitation, a total fluid changeout is required. The procedures used are the most important factor in the effectiveness of the changeout.  If incorrect procedures are used, the system can be in the same or even worse condition after the fluid is changed, prolonging the headaches and increasing the costs. HEAT has the knowledge, equipment, and personnel to properly perform thermal fluid changeouts that will bring the heat transfer system back to a condition of high performance. 

Fluid System Decontamination Services

Once a thermal fluid system has reached the point of severe degradation, simply changing the fluid does not solve the problem. This is because the internal surfaces of the entire system are covered with thick sludge and carbon deposits. Even if the old fluid can be drained out of the system, the sludge and coke deposits will remain behind on the inside surfaces of the piping and will immediately re-contaminate new fluids unless the system is decontaminated first. HEAT offers customized cleaning services with procedures based on fluid test results and detailed physical inspections of the system. Each procedure is developed to suit each unique process. 

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Preventative Care Services Program

HEAT offers a maintenance plan designed to help your company safely maintain and reliably operate your heat transfer equipment. Plans typically include a yearly fluid sample with the BOSS 1000, yearly inspection with technical report, system maintenance schedule & reminders, access to special HEAT University training videos, customized training seminars, flash point monitoring, and priority service scheduling. Contact us to learn more about a specialized plan to suit your needs. 

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