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Keep your heat transfer fluid healthy

Thermal Fluid Filtration 

HTFF Series (High Temperature Fluid Filtration) Packages are complete side-stream hot oil filtration systems designed for use alongside any hot oil system. These packages can operate in temperatures up to 750°F and pressures up to 200 PSIG. 

HTFF Series Packages can be connected in series or in parallel to your existing hot oil system for continuous removal of particulates from heat transfer fluid. Designed to use replacable spun-wound, glass fiber elements, the HTFF Series can be used with nearly every heat transfer fluid and operating condition. 

Continuous filtration of any hot oil system can provide many benefits throughout the life of a process: 

  • Reduced wear of seals, pumps, valves, etc. 
  • Reduced fouling of heat transfer surfaces 
  • Reduced risk of unscheduled downtime 
  • Improved heat transfer efficiency 
  • Improved production yields 
  • Improved system longevity 

Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, HTFF Series Filters can provide a cleaner fluid, reduced headaches, and improve process performance. 

  • Operating Temperatures to 750°F at 200 PSIG 
  • Flow Rates from 15 to 100 GPM 
  • Spun Wound, Glass Fiber Filter Elements 
  • Filter Sizes from 3 to 200 Micron 
  • ANSI Rated Flanged Inlet & Outlet Connections 
  • Series or Parallel Installations 
  • Made to ASME Pressure Vessel Code Standards (UM Stamp)
  • All Welded Construction 
  • Custom Sizes and Configurations Available 
  • Forged Steel Isolation Valves 
  • Differential Pressure Gauge for Filter Element Changes 
  • High Point Vent Valve 
  • Low Point Drain Valve 
  • Portable or Stationary Configurations 
  • High-Efficiency Filters 
  • High Temperature, Flexible Hoses Available 
  • Splash Guard on Flange 

HEAT UNIVERSITY | HOW TO Operate High-Temperature Fluid Filtration Systems

Wound Cartridge Filters

  • 304 Stainless Steel Core Material
  • Fiberglass Filter Media
  • Outer Diameter - 2 1/2 in.
  • Length - 30 in.
  • Temperatures up to 750°F
  • True Depth Filtration
  • Wide Choice of Porosites
  • Heat Cleaned Glass Fiber
    • Traces of oil sizing removed by heat cleaning, yeilding virgin glass fiber

Filter Sizes

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