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Hot Oil & Heat Transfer Skid Packages

With over 100 years of collective expertise, Heat Exchange and Transfer, Inc. excels in the design of hot oil systems and heat transfer skids. Our team of sales engineers tailors heat transfer solutions to meet the unique needs and specifications of each customer, regardless of the project's scale or intricacy.

Hot Oil Packages Defined

A hot oil skid is a specialized device used for regulating temperature in industrial settings. It pumps a heat transfer medium, like thermal fluid or hot oil, within a sealed pipe network. The device heats the oil and directs it to a designated part of the production process, enabling precise temperature control through fluid movement.

Skid-mounted heat sources allow for accurate temperature management for both batch and continuous operation processes. They function at temperatures surpassing 750 degrees Fahrenheit, which is higher than steam with the allure of operating at lower pressure levels, eliminating the need for a boiler operator during safe usage.

For tailor-made hot oil skids or complete heat transfer skid systems, HEAT Inc. stands ready to collaborate with you to design an ideal solution. Contact us to initiate your project immediately!

Types of Heat Transfer Skid Packages

HEAT provides different types of heat transfer systems to meet various requirements. We also offer heat transfer skid packages with various kinds of heat sources.

Electric Heat Source

Electric heaters utilize a resistive element in direct contact with a fluid, ensuring an efficient energy-to-heat conversion for use in manufacturing.

Gas-Fired Heat Source

Gas-fired heaters ignite a flame to warm air, which then heats the fluid via a coil, offering less efficiency but greater energy transfer due to higher temperatures, enabling more significant heat recovery or transfer with smaller transfer areas.

Exchanger Mode Heat Source

Exchanger Mode heating separates the heat source from the fluid, facilitating heat exchange between two circuits. It leverages available plant steam or thermal fluid, optimizing utility use and allowing thermal fluid circulation at varying temperatures for external processes. Various exchanger types, like shell and tube, air-cooled, or plate and frame, enable both heating and cooling.

Direct Inject Heat Source

Direct Inject heating modulates process fluid temperature by injecting an external heat source directly into the circulating fluid, allowing for large temperature differentials and higher flow rates of the thermal fluid, with only a minimal amount of hot external fluid needed to maintain the desired energy levels.

Greater Temperature Control with Exchangers

An exchanger can be used in the design of any hot oil package no matter the heat source. Exchangers are used to add cooling and greater precision over the temperature of the heat transfer medium that the system is pumping to the equipment.

Not sure what heat source is best suited for your application? Contact us today and let our experts analyze your situation to engineer the most optimal hot oil package for your specific application!

Advantages of Our Hot Oil Heater Packages

HEAT can provide you with standard and custom skid-mounted hot oil heater packages.

Standard & Custom Options Available

We design pre-engineered options with our brand promise of Safe, Reliable Performance. We keep a limited supply available at reduced lead times. However, Heat Exchange and Transfer specializes in custom heat transfer pump skids built to your standards. We offer four customization levels depending on your project needs.

Skid Mounted Thermal Oil Heaters

HEAT also offers skid mounted thermal oil heaters, a versatile and efficient solution for a wide range of industrial heating needs. Designed for easy installation and mobility, our skid-mounted thermal oil heaters offer superior heat transfer with minimal downtime. The compact design allows for seamless integration into existing processes, making them an ideal choice for industries such as road building, chemicals and plastics, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, power generation, and the oil and gas industry. These systems are particularly beneficial in applications requiring precise temperature control, such as process heating, tank heating, and indirect heating of equipment.

As an OEM provider, we specialize in custom skid mounted thermal oil heaters tailored to meet specific operational requirements. Our skid-mounted gas-fired thermal oil heaters deliver high energy transfer rates and optimal performance, providing reliable and efficient heating solutions for even the most demanding applications. The gas-fired technology ensures greater temperature control and efficiency, making these heaters a robust choice for heavy-duty operations. Custom options are available to ensure each system is perfectly aligned with your unique process needs, offering benefits such as reduced maintenance, enhanced operational efficiency, and superior temperature management. Trust HEAT to deliver a skid-mounted thermal oil heater that meets your precise specifications and exceeds industry standards.

Industries Using Heat Exchanger Skid Packages

Industries that require hot oil packages include:

  • Mining, metals and materials
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Automotive
  • Power and energy
  • Chemicals and plastics

Other industries include textiles, packaging, and building materials.

Heat Transfer Systems From Heat Exchange & Transfer, Inc.

HEAT upholds the ASME U and UM manufacturing certifications and adheres to ANSI standards. Our team includes AWS-certified welders, and we operate as a UL-listed panel shop. For hot oil systems tailored to your specifications, contact us for a personalized quote today.

Heat Systems: Safe by Design

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