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Hot Oil System Improvement Products & Services

Maintaining a Heat Transfer System is essential to operator safety and equipment longevity. Contact HEAT today to learn more about the services we offer both in our factory and in the field at your location: 

Factory Inspection & Testing Services

HEAT offers a factory inspection and hot functional testing service for existing or used heat transfer equipment. Factory inspection and testing can help to ensure that a used system is up to code and fit for operational service. 

HEAT’s in-house testing center can perform a wide variety of functional and operational tests for both new and used equipment. HEAT also has the capability to film these tests for training purposes or teleconference your team in to participate. Inquire below for more information. 

Factory Component Repair Services

As a heat transfer system ages, maintenance and repair activities will eventually need to be performed on the major components to keep the system running safely and efficiently. 

HEAT offers a wide range of factory-based repair and upgrade services for: 

Factory Refurbishment & Upgrade Services

High temperature thermal fluid heat transfer systems feature all-welded and flanged construction, making some repairs and refurbishments in the field impractical. When significant maintenance or modifications are required, HEAT’s trained technicians can often perform this work much more quickly at the factory. 

From supply voltages changes, to updating obsolete controls, to performance enhancements, HEAT’s Upgrade and Refurbishment service can meet your system and process needs. 

Troubleshooting & Technical Support Services

If you are having issues with your thermal fluid heat transfer system, HEAT offers a variety of factory-based and on-site technical support services.  Our highly trained engineers and technicians can help to provide you with the guidance that you’ve been looking for, regardless of the equipment manufacturer. Contact HEAT today to learn more. 

Field Startup Services

Improper start-up or commissioning of a heat transfer system can have serious consequences on equipment life and process performance.  

HEAT’s trained staff of friendly, knowledgeable technicians can help to ensure safe and timely commissioning of both new and used heat transfer systems. Startup Services include: 

  • System Installation Guide 
  • Pre-Startup Preparation Checklist 
  • Field Alignment of Pump 
  • Assistance with Initial Fluid Fill Up/Venting 
  • Review of Safety Interlocks with Operators 
  • Functional Testing of the Heat Transfer System 
  • Safely Capturing Baseline Fluid Sample 
  • Operational & Maintenance Training  

Field Training Services

HEAT offers expert training services to allow your personnel to learn from our decades of experience in Heat Transfer Equipment. 

Training courses available include Operational Training, Maintenance Training, Safety Training and Customized Training based on your needs. Topics can include Troubleshooting, Controller Tuning, Preventive Maintenance, Fire or Health Hazards, and Electrical Safety. 

We offer training at HEAT production facilities, your facility, or online via Heat University.

Explore Heat University

Field Maintenance & Repair Services

HEAT offers a complete range of maintenance services from system safety checks to custom-tailored maintenance programs performed by highly skilled, experienced, factory-trained technicians. These services are directed to meet your maintenance needs 

Field Inspection & Consulting Services

HEAT offers a multi-point field inspection service that will address: 

  • Findings on the general condition of major components
  • Findings on the condition of heat transfer fluid
  • Findings on safety concerns
  • Findings on operational concerns
  • Findings on maintenance concerns
  • Root Cause Analysis (if necessary) 

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