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Easily remove water from your thermal fluid

Thermal Fluid Dehydrator Cart

The adjustable flow Thermal Fluid Dehydrator Cart is one of the easiest and most versatile oil purifiers on the market today. It uses a maintenance-free hollow fiber membrane to remove 100% Free, 100% Emulsified and Dissolved Water to less than 50 ppm from contaminated gear, lube, and hydraulic oils.  

This cart can be attached and operated with most equipment on line and provides the best capabilities and benefits of traditional oil dehydrators without the drawbacks of their bulkiness or operational complexity.  

The variable frequency drive allows oil flow to be easily adjusted up or down in order to compensate for variances in oil reservoir size, water contamination, or oil viscosity.  

Adjustable flow means that one Dehydrator Cart can now be used on variety of oil reservoirs between 5-2000 gallons (water ingression dependent) and on oil viscosities between 15 and 680 weight. 

  • Oil Flow: Simple Steady State  
  • Adjustable Flow Rate from 0-8 GPM/0-30 LPM
  • Membrane Vacuum Dehydration  
  • 110 60 Hz or 220 50 Hz S-Phase  
  • NEMA 4 Electrical Housing
  • 8 Micron or Less Filtration  
  • Viscosity Range: 15-3000 cSt up to 4 GPM, greater than 1000 cSt 4-8 GPM
  • Serves Reservoir sizes from 5-2000 gallons
  • Max oil temp: 190 F, Min Ambient Temp: 33 F
  • Max Continuous Free Water Removal: 43-4 Gallons/day (oil temp dependent)
  • Max Outlet Pressure: 20-30 PSIG
  • ISO Cleanliness Capability: Less than 16/14/12  
  • 100% Free Water
  • 100% Emulsified Water
  • Dissolved Water 50 ppm or less
  • Dissolved Gases
  • Particulate Below 16/14/12
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