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OCH Series Open Coil Heaters & Elements consist of helical wound nickel-chromium resistance wires supported by interlocking ceramic insulators. The ceramic insulators are mounted on a flexible strap allowing for an element bend radius of 18 Inches.  

These flexible elements are available for designs that will be inserted into standard 2" or 3" sch.40 or sch.80 closed pipe wells.   

Heating elements can be designed for a maximum heat flux or watt density of 12 watts/in2 or up to 1500 watts per linear foot for a 3" pipe well.  

These custom-designed OCH elements are available as complete immersion heater assemblies, which include pipe well, an OCH element, terminal housing, and a thermostat. 

  • 2" and 3" diameter sizes for horizontal use in pipe wells
  • Up to 40-ft custom lengths
  • 120 to 600 volts
  • 1 or 3 phase power
  • 1 to 12 watts/In²
  • Made-to-Order
  • No need to drain tank contents to replace heater elements
  • Low watt density, Ideal for viscous or heat-sensitive fluids
  • High-temperature capabilities up to 1400°F
  • Flexibility In packaging and Installation methods
  • General purpose and Hazardous Area Explosion Resistant Designs
  • 18" bending radius requires only 3-ft clearance for removal
  • Stainless or alloy heater well for high-temperature corrosive applications
  • Long life - 2 year warranty 
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