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Rental Division - FAQs

About Heat Rental Equipment

Renting thermal fluid heating equipment can be a great solution to fulfill circumstantial needs and support your industrial processes. View our frequently asked questions, contact us today, or view our available rental equipment:

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Frequently Asked Questions for Thermal Fluid Heating Equipment Rentals

There are many reasons to consider leasing this type of process related equipment. Some of the more common include the following:

  • Research & Development
  • Repairing/Replacing Existing Equipment
  • Pilot operations
  • Capital versus Operating Budgets
  • Short Term Production Commitments (Toll Manufacturing)

HEAT, Inc. manages a relatively large fleet of well-maintained equipment, reserved specifically for our Rental Division. This equipment includes skid packaged ‘Systems’ with a variety of capacities, designs, and varying scope of supply. In an effort to service all potential customers, our rental equipment is made available on a ‘first come – first serve’ basis.

Unfortunately, our rental equipment, while well maintained, is not available for purchase. We rely on the size and diversity of our fleet to service the needs of customers looking at the rent/lease approach. Selling this equipment would reduce our capacity and ability to respond to future needs.

No problem… an Automatic Renewal is available with an advanced, written request.

We accept early termination, however, your monthly charge for the actual contract will revert to the shortest-term rate (1-2 months).

No, however, we must approve your proposed fluid, and it must be of virgin quality (first use from unopened drums/totes). Thermal fluid is included for consideration with our Contract Proposals.

No, however, we highly recommend you take full advantage of the rental experience.

  • Waiving this service will render any and all potential equipment warranty issues void.
  • Some of our Systems include delicate and expensive components, and require experience to operate; those do require our commissioning and training site service.

HEAT, Inc. will respond quickly and diligently to resolve ASAP in an effort to minimize downtime while under contract. The nature of the problem will be evaluated during the equipment return inspection. Accepting our site commissioning and training service assures the installation was approved and assumes proper operating procedures were followed.

Yes – pending the results of the equipment return inspection. We understand this equipment is used in industrial process environments, and in many cases required to operate 24/7 while under contract. As such, we expect normal wear as a result of the installation and operation process; this is acceptable and will not impact your security deposit.

Shipping is our responsibility; we arrange for the shipment to your facility, and will provide a Bill of Lading (BOL) for the return shipment…  you only need to call the carrier’s number on the BOL to schedule the pick-up.

Most of our equipment is shipped in orange painted re-usable wood crates. You only need to disconnect from service, assure all fluid is drained, cover the flanged connections ports, and secure to the re-usable shipping crates.

In addition to the single ‘heat/cool’ System available with our fleet, we also have an Air-to-Oil fin/fan process cooler, and two ‘Add-On Process Cooling Skids’ that include an ASME Shell & Tube Cooling Exchanger and 3-way Control Valve, piped as a parallel circuit. These units can be installed in series with most ‘heat-only’ thermal fluid Systems.

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