Heat Transfer Rental Equipment

Rental Equipment

About HEAT Rental Equipment

We manage a fleet of well maintained Heat Transfer Systems and Auxilary Equipment to accommodate circumstantial needs in supporting industrial processes, such as: 

  • Research & Development
  • Pilot Operations 
  • Short Term Production Commitments 
  • Repairing/Replacing Existing Equipment 
  • Capital vs. Operating Budget 

Our equipment is ready for immediate delivery to meet your needs. Please fill out the inquiry forms below or contact us via phone or email to get started. For more information on how this process works, and the equipment available for lease, please continue reading below: 

Step One

Initial Consultation

Contact our Rental Division to discuss your application needs. We will determine if we have equipment available that would be suitable and safe for your operation.

Step Two

Document Exchange

Certain legal documents are required to properly execute the lease contract. Several are generated by HEAT, Inc.; several are required by you, our customer. This process must be completed before shipment is authorized.

Step Three


We take the concern and uncertainty out of your hands. HEAT, Inc. arranges shipment of the leased equipment to and from your facility ~ all you need to do is the packaging (most of our smaller capacity Systems are shipped in re-usable orange painted wood crates; others just require shrink-wrap).

Step Four

Start-Up Service

Rental equipment remains an asset of HEAT, Inc. during the lease contract, and is not specified or designed with your specific needs in mind. For these reasons, we highly recommend, and in many cases, require you to hire our on-site commissioning and training services.

Step Five

Problem Solved!

You are the HERO….. safe, reliable, leased equipment successfully supporting immediate and temporary process needs for your project!

Available Rental Equipment

Description Design Temperature Heater Capacity Pump Capacity Electrical Service Heat Transfer Medium
24 kW Hot Oil Heat Transfer System 550°F (287°C) 24KW 35 GPM at 120' TDH 60A (480/3/60) Thermal Fluid
48 kW Hot Oil Heat Transfer System 550°F (287°C) 48KW 35 GPM at 120' TDH 100A (480/3/60) Thermal Fluid
80 kW Hot Oil Heat Transfer System 550°F (287°C) 80KW 80 GPM at 125' TDH 150A (480/3/60) Thermal Fluid
80 kW Hot Oil Heat Transfer System 650°F (343°C) 80KW 80 GPM at 100' TDH 150A (480/3/60) Thermal Fluid
80 kW Hot Oil Heat Transfer System 650°F (343°C) 80KW 122 GPM at 140' TDH 150A (480/3/60); Thermal Fluid
100 kW Hot Oil Heat Transfer System 600°F (315°C) 100KW 80 GPM at 145' TDH 200A (480/3/60); Thermal Fluid
114 kW Hot Oil Heat Transfer System 450°F (232°C) 114KW 100 GPM at 100' TDH 200A (480/3/60) Thermal Fluid
200 kW Hot Oil Heat Transfer System 550°F (287°C) 200KW 200 GPM at 140' TDH 400A (480/3/60) Thermal Fluid
320 kW Hot Oil Heat Transfer System 550°F (287°C) 320KW 240 GPM at 140' TDH 600A (480/3/60) Thermal Fluid
40 kW Water Glycol Heat Transfer System 200°F (93°C) 40KW 27 GPM at 46' TDH 100A (480/3/60) Water or Water/Glycol
150 kW Circulation Heater Package 550°F (287°C) 150KW 'By Others' 250A (480/3/60) Thermal Fluid
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* Process Cooling Can Be Added to Most Hot Oil Systems As Required. See Auxiliary Rental Equipment Table

* Multiple System Quanties of Select Models Are Available for Lease