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Rental Equipment

Thermal Fluid & Hot Oil Heater Rental

We manage a comprehensive fleet of Thermal Fluid Heater systems for rent. Each system is maintained to the highest standards, ensuring reliable support for various industrial processes including:

  • Research & Development
  • Pilot Operations
  • Short Term Production
  • Equipment Repair or Replacement

Whether you're balancing Capital vs. Operating Budget considerations or just filling a temporary production need, our equipment is primed for prompt delivery to fulfill your requirements.

Please fill out the inquiry form below or contact us via phone or email to get started on your hot oil heater rental or purchase. For more information on how our rental process works, and the equipment available for lease please click here.

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Consider Owning a Pre-Engineered Heat Transfer System

Choosing to purchase a pre-engineered heat transfer system instead of renting a system presents several long-term benefits:

  • Cost Savings - Owning a pre-engineered hot oil heater is a financially savvy move. Purchasing your system outright can lead to significant cost reductions over time, particularly for prolonged use. This transitions your investment from a recurring monthly expense to a valuable company asset.
  • Advanced Technology - You gain access to the latest technology with our brand-new systems, ensuring dependable performance and the reassurance of knowing your equipment's full history.
  • Availability  - select models are ready for immediate dispatch, while others have a reasonable lead time of 6-8 weeks ARO, extending to 10-12 weeks for systems with certain pump models.
  • Versatility - Our systems are designed to meet a variety of needs with standard heating capacities ranging from 40kW to 240kW, likely providing you a solution for a wide array of applications despite the lack of customization.

While renting a thermal fluid heater might provide a quick fix for immediate needs, investing in a new pre-engineered unit offers numerous advantages that can significantly benefit your operation in the long term.

Support and Maintenance

Whether you choose to rent or purchase, you'll receive our full suite of support and maintenance services to guarantee optimal equipment performance. Our Start-Up Services ensure a seamless initiation of your new system, with hands-on guidance from our specialists on your premises.

Additionally, our Preventative Maintenance program offers consistent upkeep to maintain your equipment's top-notch condition and help keep any unforeseen operational interruptions at bay.

How to Get Started

Interested in discovering what we can offer? Reach out to us using the contact form below, or get in touch via phone or email. Our dedicated team is here to help you find the most effective heat transfer solutions tailored to your industrial requirements.

Steps to Rent a Thermal Fluid Heater

Step One

Initial Consultation

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Contact our Rental Division to discuss your application needs. We will determine if we have equipment available that would be suitable and safe for your operation.

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Step Two

Document Exchange

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Certain legal documents are required to properly execute the lease contract. Several are generated by HEAT, Inc.; several are required by you, our customer. This process must be completed before shipment is authorized.

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Step Three


step 3 truck location

We take the concern and uncertainty out of your hands. HEAT arranges shipment of the leased equipment to and from your facility ~ all you need to do is the packaging (most of our smaller capacity Systems are shipped in re-usable orange painted wood crates; others just require shrink-wrap).

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Step Four

Start-Up Service

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Rental equipment remains an asset of HEAT, Inc. during the lease contract, and is not specified or designed with your specific needs in mind. For these reasons, we highly recommend, and in many cases, require you to hire our on-site commissioning and training services.

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Step Five

Problem Solved!

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You are the HERO….. safe, reliable, leased equipment successfully supporting immediate and temporary process needs for your project!

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