Heat Transfer Rental Equipment

Rental Equipment

About HEAT Rental Equipment: 

We manage a fleet of well maintained Heat Transfer Systems and Auxilary Equipment to accommodate circumstantial needs in supporting industrial processes, such as:

  • Research & Development
  • Pilot Operations
  • Short Term Production Commitments
  • Repairing/Replacing Existing Equipment
  • Capital vs. Operating Budget

Our equipment is ready for immediate delivery to meet your needs. Please fill out the inquiry forms below or contact us via phone or email to get started. For more information on how this process works, and the equipment available for lease, please continue reading below:

How This Works:

 Step 1:  Application Data Sheet:

  • Before a system can be made available, an application data sheet must be filled out (form can be completed jointly by HEAT, Inc and the customer).  This document helps to ensure that you are getting the proper system for your application..

Step 2: Formal Proposal (Completed by HEAT, Inc):

  • After completing the Application Data Sheet, HEAT Inc will provide you with a formal proposal outlining our complete offering summary as well as fees due prior to shipment, for your review and acceptance.

Step 3: Formal Lease Agreement with Equipment Schedule(s):

  • These documents represent the legal contract and must be signed and returned

Step 4: Payment Authorization Form:

  • This document requires relevant customer contact information and payment method, and summarizes the finances of the contract including the payment schedule.

Step 5: Equipment Delievery:

  • After the relevant documents have been completed, HEAT will arrange shipment of the rental heat transfer system to your location and coordinate the start-up activities with your designated site personnel.

Equipment Available for Lease:

Model Number Heating Capacity (kW) Design Temp (F) Required Voltage Required Amps Pump GPM TDH Expansion Tank
WG250-40-483 40 250 480V 100 40 120 ft 12
WM550-18C-483 18 550 480V 60 40 120 ft 10
KM550-36-483 36 550 480V 60 35 120 ft 18
KM550-48-483 48 550 480V 100 35 120 ft 18
KM550-80-483 80 550 480V 150 80 125 ft 30
RM550-80-483 80 550 480V 150 80 125 ft 18
SL450-114-BK-483 114 450 480V 200 100 100 ft 30
SL600-100-XP-WC-483 100 600 480V 200 80 145 ft 40
SL650-80-CM-483 80 650 480V 150 80 100 ft 40
BOSS 1000 Fluid Sampling Station N/A 750 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
High Temperature Side Stream Filter N/A 750 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
SBS-3064U-2F N/A 450 480V 100 80 N/A N/A
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